steel plates 4 mm to 120 m thick

As one of the division of Conglomerate Company, our focus is on quality of service, the personal touch and responsiveness to customers’ requirements. Our steel grades are regularly supplying to OEM’s, fabricators and end users active in the cement plant industry, construction, steel, marine ,ship building, oil & gas, mining and road building other industries

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With respect to your Tipper/Truck body fabrication, we would like to bid our abrasion resistance steel grades and looking forward opportunity to meet you soon and Here are our steel grades and further classification for your reference:

XAR –Abrasion resistance steel (or) wear resistance steel
Thickness 3 to 100mm
Standard plate size: 2.5 x 6 meter
Advantage: Suitable for high wear & tear/ reduce weight/High impact toughness/less down time/good weldability/ through hardness properties

XAR 400 – 370 to 430 Hardness in Brinell
XAR 450 – 420 to 480 Hardness in Brinell
XAR 500 – 470 to 530 Hardness in Brinell
XAR 600 – above 550 Hardness in Brinell

NAXTRA –Hi tensile steel (or) high strength structural steel
Standard: S690 QL
Thickness: 4 to 100mm
Standard plate size: 2.5 x 6 meter
Impact tested at -40 degree
Advantage: Reduce weight/ high tensile strength/Durability/longer service life/workshop friendliness/narrow bending radius/high fatigue resistance

NAXTRA M700 – 700 MPa Yield strength
NAXTRA M 800 – 800 Mpa Yield strength

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